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Friday, January 22, 2010

4th Reviewed Film "APRENDE" by Enrique Cruz!

I have been a HUGE fan of Enrique Cruz since I saw Tiger Tyson's breakout role in "Sweatin Black" and then the follow up "Tiger's Brooklyn Tails" which skyrocketed the sexy Puerto Rican/Black to SUPER STAR status.  I loved how Enrique seemed to have an eye for the visual and enjoyed new camera angels and somehow had the HOTTEST black and latino actors, guys you see on the street and just wish they were 'down'!!!  After purchasing "Off Da Hook 1 & 2" Mr Cruz took us to a whole new level with APRENDE
As of 2009 there are now 3 versions of APRENDE (1, 2, and 3) but I have to say 1 is still my favorite.  If for NOTHING else than the scene with Antonio Torress and Scorpion fucking on the top of an SUV!!! Two bodies that are deliciously cut just going for it, it's by far (to this day) the hottest scene I have ever watched in Porn!! 
In this all Latino flick, director, Enrique Cruz takes us from the streets of New York, to the beaches of la isla - Puerto Rico, and finally to the dorm rooms of a college campus to watch some of the hottest chulos get down with each other.

A majority of the film takes place at school where the young horny boys talk about their summers, their girlfriends, and secretly fuck each other crazy! All big dicks. Some non-stop fucking. Cruz has out done himself with this production. Each of the scenes and cut aways have multiple orgasims, kissing, ass eating, multiple positions (I love Dillon's variotion of fucking in the 69 position, wild)!  It's hard to break this movie down by scenes because for the most part it's ALL OVER THE PLACE but there is a central story line that starts with Antonio Torress's character and then blends over to follows Bam Bam, Marco Polo, and Jesus Peron's dorm room adventures.  The threesome that happens between Marco, Jesus, and
Cobra is another one of my favorite scenes, bust a nut everytime!!!! 

This is by far the highest quality and most inventive, unique, and fun movie Enrique Cruz has put out and while I also enjoyed Aprende 2 this one has really stood out for me.  I give this movie ***** out of 5*!!
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